Blockchain-Based Oil Trade: Opportunities and Challenges

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Recent Energy Development in Latin America and the Rule of Law

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According to the World Energy Issues Monitor issued by World Energy Council, Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC), especially southern LAC countries are still dealing with the drop of oil and other commodities prices. These circumstances affect the economies of many countries, especially those highly dependent on oil exports. [read more]

Lower car sales in China could reduce its oil demand in 2019

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Air Pollution Problem in Beijing
China has had an unprecedented decrease in the number of internal combustion cars this year with total sales of 28.08 million cars, a decrease by 2.8% from 2017. This decrease includes 4.1% drop in passenger-cars sales while the number of electric vehicle sales has been [read more]

How could the Caspian field change the gas landscape in Europe?

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BP is preparing to drill six new exploration wells in Azerbaijan by 2020, in an effort to produce sufficiently high quantities of natural gas to be transported to Europe via a short-cut Trans-Anatolia Pipeline passing through Turkey. [read more]

Energy transformation will spark demand for key precious metals

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The increase of shifting to renewable sources of energy will spark a rising demand for many precious metals required to manufacture key of parts of renewable energy technologies, a new report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) says. [read more]

Could Norway be the next leader in Electric Mobility?

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ElectricVehicle925The Norwegian Road Federation (NRF) has reported that the number of sales of new Electric Vehicles (EVs) has reached a 1/3 of Norway’s total car sales (148 thousand cars) in 2018, a rise by %20.8 from the year 2017 [read more]

The 2019 Energy Agenda, What’s expected?

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Would it be a Happy New Year for the oil market?

BY UCERGY Insight Journal on December 23, 2018

Prices continue to decline driven by rising concerns over a supply glut and the increase in shale oil production but experts see a market balance in early 2019 [read more…]

UCERGY Insight Goes Live with Le Fonti International

UCERGY Analysts has been hosted in a live TV show by the Italian Business Channel Le Fonti International to share its latest insight on many global issues including oil markets, US oil policy, Brexit, and the future of natural gas. In a 15-minute lively broadcast discussion [read more…]

After securing the Katowice agreement, what’s next for climate action?


Climate negotiations in the Polish city of Katowice have culminated in a major agreement that paves the way for the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The agreement marks a milestone in the history of climate action as it establishes a framework for monitoring [read more…]

Wind-Powered Car Manufacturing: A new Mercedes-Benz-Statkraft initiative

Mercedes Benz has announced that it is entering into an agreement with the Norwegian energy giant, Statkraft, to supply wind energy to its car manufacturing plants in Germany in an effort of achieving its 100% CO2 neutral facilities by 2022. This is the first project [read more…]

Carbon Capture and Storage: Who will pay the cost?

Canada’s Oil and Gas Sector Constrained by its Climate Targets

Canada’s oil and gas emissions are rising, and oil companies are weakening the process of energy transition and achieving climate goals, says a new report which has been published by the Canadian Environmental Defence today at the UN Climate Summit taking place in Katowice, Poland [read more…]

Reaching a cut deal of 1.2 million barrel, Is it Sufficient?

OPEC and its cooperating allies, the OPEC+, have struck a deal to curb production by 1.2 million barrels, a reduction deal to be reviewed in April 2019. While OPEC countries would contribute by 800 thousand barrels reduction, the non-OPEC countries would reduce by 400 thousand barrels making a total of 1.2 million barrels cut [read more…]

The OPEC Meeting: What to expect?


The OPEC 175th ministerial meeting is due to be held this morning in Vienna after the OPEC Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC) meeting was concluded which recommended a production cut of no less than 1 million barrel for six months. The optimism to reach an agreement has been observed so far. However, prices are still in [read more…]

The G20 Summit, what does it mean for the energy sector?

The G20, a group bringing together the world’s most powerful economies, concluded its summit in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires last weekend with a declaration of major development and support for a course of actions [read more…]

Renewing Global Commitment to Nuclear Technology

Nuclear technology as an important element towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This has been the theme of the international ministerial conference on nuclear technology held at the IAEA in Vienna, where more than 100 countries, presented their activities and projects in the area of nuclear technologies. Major issues focused on [read more…]

Global Advancements in Nuclear Safeguards


The IAEA has hosted the International Safeguards Symposium which brought together more than 500 participants from more than 100 countries to discuss the latest advances in safeguards innovation and technologies. The symposium looked at four key issues; emerging safeguards challenges [read more…]

Why have prices risen after the OPEC meeting?

The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has announced yesterday that they will ease their production cuts to achieve a 100% compliance of the 1.2 mbbl cuts agreed in 2016 between the OPEC member states. Markets have not reacted as expected to this announcement causing the WTI to rise to nearly $69 and Brent to reach close to $76 [read more…]

Vienna holds the Austrian World Summit R20

Under the patronage of Austrian President Van der Bellen, the city of Vienna hosted its 2nd Austrian World Summit known as R20 which calls for global action on climate and mitigate carbon emissions. This year the summit hosted the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who [read more…]


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