Products & Services

UCERGY Analysts services cover a wides range of energy-related issues including;

  • Drawing roadmaps for energy transition
  • Minimising carbon intensity of industrial facilities
  • Forecasting energy consumption/demand
  • Advising on cost-effective energy technologies
  • Human resources planning
  • Oil price forecast
  • Life-cycle sustainability assessment of energy projects
  • Advising on clean fossil fuels including gasification processes and carbon capture and storage
  • Support on commercialisation of new technologies

Our approach focuses on combining the three elements of Science, Technology, and Economics to design a better and more sustainable energy policy and investment decisions.

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We provide advising papers, presentations, policy briefs, and consulting sessions in order to enable our clients to make more informed policy and investment decisions in the energy and environmental sector.

For instance, we estimate energy demand, project future energy mix, evaluate investments, and propose cost-effective ways to maximise economic returns.

We also assist companies to establish the right mix of necessary talents and expertise based on the changing pathways of the energy industry.

Please feel free to make contact if you require specific consultation tailored to your business.