Company Overview

UCERGY Analysts was founded in London, UK, in 2017 as a private limited by shares company, registered in England and Wales. As a consulting firm, UCERGY specialises in using the latest technology to communicate global energy news, analysis, and research. In particular, it aims to keep the world well informed about the latest progress on energy issues via up to date world-class analysis on recent breakthroughs in the energy industry including technologies, policies and systems.

Our work focuses on analysing global issues affecting the energy markets including low carbon energy technologies, energy transition scenarios, energy access, energy-water nexus, climate change mitigation, and technology-economics-policy interface.

UCERGY Analysts is an accredited media provider for many major international organisations including the United Nations and OPEC. UCERGY Analysts is also a member of the App Developer Programme at Apple, California, and the Expert Group of Sustainable Energy at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva.